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Bees in owl box

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Bees in owl box

I came back from vacation on June 13th to a colony of bees that decided my brand new owl box was a fine location to call home. I want to keep them, so I've bought a 10 frame hive with super, hoping that it was going to be big enough to fit the owl box. My idea was that they'd move out of the owl box and into the hive body and empty super, but alas, the damn owl box will not fit, so now I'm unsure how to proceed.

First, the owl box is attached to a post at about 15' high. I was thinking of taking it down in the evening, put the owl box in the hive body, close the hive entrance and drive the whole thing to a friend's house that's about 10 miles away. Since i will now have to take apart the owl box, and physically move them into the hive, I'm not clear on how to ensure the colony is all in the hive before I drive them out to my friends. Should I do this in the morning, and give them the afternoon to find their way into the hive, then drive them out there or is it better to do the relocation as soon as I move them in?

Also, how long do I leave them at my friend's before bringing them back. And once we're ready to bring them, do i do it at night?

Total newbie over here. I've been reading and learning, but I'm sure there's a lot i can be missing, so your advice is much appreciated. I'm located in S Florida, got the hive painted already, and it came with wood frames with plastic foundations (i think that's what they're called?). A local beekeeper recommended screen bottom, so i got that as well.

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