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Bees decapitated?

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Bees decapitated?

Checked a beehive after a few months, and something strange happened.

A ton of bees (mostly drones) had their heads taken off. I have 3 other hives and one hive had a “normal” death while the last 2 are fine.

The dead ones were all over, and there was a big pile of them around the bottom, blocking the entrance from the inside. There were still plenty of living ones, also around the entrance where the dead ones were.

What makes it weirder is that there is a lot of honey still in the hive, so robbing doesn’t make sense.

Some info: Normal honey bees, I’m living in northwestern Massachusetts. And because of some complicated living situations, they haven’t been tended to for 8 months.

Does fighting or robbing end in a full hive of honey and decapitation? I don’t know much and I’m worried for my bees.

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