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Bees building away from plastic foundation, what are my options?

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Bees building away from plastic foundation, what are my options?

Just performed my first inspection on my 2 hives. Hive 2 is doing super well, just 13 days after installation they already have capped brood. Comb is being drawn directly on the plastic foundation, and cells are quickly filling up with sugar water/nectar , pollen, and eggs.

Hive 1 on the other hand is acting a bit weird. They are building comb slightly off the plastic foundation, allowing bees to get behind the comb. I've done some research and this looks like a somewhat common problem. The issue I have is most things I've ready says the only way to fix is it to scrape the wax off and have the bees start from scratch. Hive 1 has started laying eggs and has pupa, they are also gathering pollen and filling cells with sugar water/nectar. I don't want to stunt or completely kill the growth of hive 1, especially when they are only starting to establish themselves.

Some things I've checked, the cells in both hives are as pushed together as possible, so I don't think the issue with hive 1 has anything to do with bee space. Hive one did not have wax scraped onto the plastic foundations, while hive 2 did have wax scraped onto the plastic foundations (I figure this is the main reason for the weird comb in hive 1).

I've managed to scrap some burr comb off hive 1 and can use it to scrape onto the empty frames in hopes to encourage the bees to build directly off the foundation, but that still doesn't solve the issue of the cells that are already being built out.

What options do I have at this point? Can I scrap wax onto some of the outer empty frames and move them into the center to try to encourage the bees to work on those? I figure if I do that, I can, over time, have the bees build out proper comb in the center and slowly move the 'weird' combed cells to the outer sides of the brood box.


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