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Bees are not Drawing Gomb in the Honey Super.

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Bees are not Drawing Gomb in the Honey Super.

Hello everyone. I have a couple of questions. So, I have one hive with two deeps. Both boxes are pretty full of bees. The top box has 2 frames open still. I just swapped the boxes so that the queen would move up and begin laying there more. Two weeks ago Tuesday, I put on a queen excluder and a medium honey super. They have not touched it. They seem to be trying to close it off with wax. The frames are plastic and have some wax coating… They just seem uninterested in it. I find bees in the top super but they have drawn out nothing. I was wondering what I should do. I have heard of people taking the foundation out of the frame. I have been saving the wax I have been pulling out of the hive for the last number of months. Could I melt it down and paint it onto the foundation? Is there a better way? Thanks a ton!

Edit: I am in Oakland, California in the US.

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