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Bees and solar panels- bad idea?!?!?

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Bees and solar panels- bad idea?!?!?

Hello fellow bee friends- I’m looking for some ideas- I’ve got 10 hives at three different bee yards. There mostly all from the same stock. 2 of my bee yards had a great year, lots of action at all the hives, and just that energetic hum I associate with a healthy hive. I’ve got three hives at this one yard and they’re just disappointing. No hutzpah, poor honey production, low population levels. Ostensibly I can’t think of anything that’s different- the genetics are all the same, they’re less than 10 kilometres apart and the ecosystem isn’t really much different across my yards. It seems to me like a good site- lots of sun, south facing, lots of forage, water nearby, minimal big agriculture/pesticide use. Mite levels have been the same across all of my bee yards and I have treated them all for mites as per protocol. I even had one hive that I moved from there that seemed to do much better after being relocated. The only thing I can think of is that there’s a solar panel quite close to the hives. Anyone have any knowledge on this subject? What else could I be missing? Thanks in advance!

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