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Beekeeping Logbook Project

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Beekeeping Logbook Project

I wanted to share a little project that I've been working on in case it might be helpful to any of you. I wasn't satisfied with the beekeeping logbooks currently available so I went ahead and designed my own, with versions made for California beekeepers and Flow Hive beekeepers, as well as beekeepers in general.


I've found logbooks to be a useful aid for keeping track of my colonies' progress over time, as well as their health, especially when there are several beekeepers involved in caring for an apiary. I spent a lot of time making my logbook as intuitive as possible, as well as creating reference pages with some of the beekeeping information that I find most useful to have on hand. I'm still waiting for most of the versions and cover designs to go live, but a couple of versions of the logbook are good to go so I wanted to share it here in case any of you might find this useful.

I'm a college student and avid hobby beekeeper and wanted to do something to make beekeeping a little more accessible. Any feedback or questions are of course welcome!

Best, Mateo

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