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Beekeeping as a second job?

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Beekeeping as a second job?

Hi there!

I am a doctoral student trying to get in contact with beekeepers who earn some income from their fuzzy pollinators in addition to working a full-time job (i.e., 30+ hours a week). We—a group of researchers at the University of Oregon—want to understand the unique experiences of people who have a second job that has its origins in a private passion. We are interested in understanding how this second job impacts emotions, attitudes, and behaviors.

The study will involve completing 3 short (about 15 minutes each) surveys about three weeks apart each. Our participants must also be willing to ask a co-worker at their full-time job to participate in one short study on their behalf. We reward each participant with a gift card for completing three short surveys and asking a coworker at your job to complete a short survey (co-workers get a gift card, too).

If you're a beekeeper on the side of a full-time job, we would be delighted if you can participate. Shoot me a message and I will get you registered for the study!

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