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Beehive smells like attack phermones

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Beehive smells like attack phermones

My strong hive with a lot of resources is full of gentle bees.

My other beehive with dwindling resources smells overwhelmingly like attack pheromone the very instant I pull off the cover, before I've had time to manipulate frames or remove the inner cover. And dozens of them fly up trying to murderize me instantly as well.

Could this mainly be because of dwindling resources prior to our first flow OR is it a common symptom of a mean queen for the beehive to be on edge constantly with a strong fruity smell?

I don't want to requeen if it's only due to lack of resources. This hive may have also been open mated when they swarmed in August, which is partially why they're low on resources. I can't say for sure if it's the original queen or a newer queen though. She's got a good brood laying pattern from what I've seen, if nothing else.

Edit: really need to proofread those titles better. Typing on mobile, fun times

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