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Beeginner Beekeeping questions part 2.

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Beeginner Beekeeping questions part 2.

I posted a few days ago for some advice to help prepare myself for getting ready next year to start beekeeping for the first time and received some much appreciated feedback. One thing I never touched on that I feel is a tricky question to ask is what kind of hive to use? Just a normal Langstroth setup or does anyone approve of the flow hive? I'm curious just from the inexperienced side of it. I dont mind the getting right into things but for the ease of access to the honey as they advertise, I wonder if I could focus more on the hive health etc. when the time comes and so on. Any reason why to stay away from one of those and stay the traditional route? And bad experiences with the flow hive? Pros and cons of either? Thank you in advance.

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