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Bee Stings and poison ivy

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Bee Stings and poison ivy

This is a crazy thought, but was just curious if it is possible. I had always been fairly susceptible to poison ivy outbreaks. About three years ago I started beekeeping and have been stung frequently. I am frequently exposed to poison ivy and outbreaks is just expected in the summer. I just realized that I had not had an outbreak in the last couple of years. What really brought this to my attention was last week I trimmed about a mile of weeds with a weed eater, along the road going to my house, which runs along a river and is loaded with poison ivy and oak. I was in shorts and sandals and have not had one outbreak. For some reason the crazy idea struck me, is getting regularly stung by bees maybe causing me to become less sensitive to poison ivy? Anyone else experienced this or am I just making a big leap?

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