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Bee sting still sensitive after weeks?

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Bee sting still sensitive after weeks?

I can't find anything on Google about this for the life of me. I was stung by a bee on my pointer finger over 2 weeks ago. I took the stinger out immediately and sucked on the spot to try to remove anything else — nothing was visible. Any pain subsided after a few hours.

After one week, I noticed there was still a tiny black dot on the point it stung me. That point is still barely raised — I wouldn't notice if I didn't know I was stung there. When I rubbed that exact spot on my finger, it felt briefly like the sting. By this point my skin had healed, so I gently cut away the top portion of the skin with finger nail clips. No more black dot.

But it's been over two weeks and that tiny point where I was stung is still sensitive. If I rub it in a certain direction or put pressure on it (locking my phone, holding a spoon, rubbing on a game controller) I still feel that "sting" sensation.

Visibly there is nothing left in the skin and it looks completely normal except for a 3mm barely raised spot that is literally impossible to notice. It's slightly redder but literally impossible for me to even notice, I only saw because of the sensitivity on that spot. It would be impossible to see in a picture and nearly impossible to observe up close. It's mostly the sensitivity that's throwing me for a loop.

I'm wondering if this is normal? Has it happened to anyone else? How long should it take to go away? Is it a miniscule piece of stinger the skin grew over? Is there anything topical I should put on it? 🐝

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