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bee sting in neck = headaches for weeks?

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bee sting in neck = headaches for weeks?

Friend got stung 3 weeks ago on back of head, near right ear. He might not have taken the stinger out completely but anyways he thought it healed or whatever. Went away, not swollen, just tiny scab.

However, now he has CRAZY INTENSE headaches everyday that come and go. Started about a week after. Sting site has turned into a small lump of medium hardness. Whenever we try to squeeze it (I know we're not supposed to but he insists), it triggers the headache again.

He doesn't want to see a doctor, so options are: (1) convince him. I need help. Been researching. Idk what to say (2) cut it out? As he suggests. Idfk

Has anyone else had effects that have lasted this long?

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