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bee hobby flower garden (bouquet) hobby

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bee hobby flower garden (bouquet) hobby

When I first mentioned to my wife I wanted to have a hobby beehive in our backyard she was fine with it, we live in a subdivision and have plenty of space in the backyard area near our trees. She has several raised garden beds and flower gardens for growing cut flowers like Dahlia's roses and peonies. Now that I've gotten more artist the past few weeks about this endeavor (I bought a book, signed up for a class and am beginning to build a warre hive) she is a bit against it, including saying they won't benefit her "cut flower" garden (she grows tons of flowers for making bouquets). She tried to explain to me that once a be pollinated a flower the flower will wilt. Is this true??!! It seems to me these two hobbies should work well together. Thanks for any insight.

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