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Bee Hive Tracker Backend

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Bee Hive Tracker Backend

Here's a snapshot of our BeeHive Tracker we developed alongside our own devices which are fairly small (6 cm x 1.5 cm x 1 cm).

They emit 1 to as many signals a day we want; It will trigger the GPS tracker (LoRa possible) if moved, battery span is 6/8 months if we use 2/4 signals a day, the battery can be recharged on the fly by USB with a powerbank or other solutions.

Triggering the GPS will send immediately alerts either by SMS/Call or onto IM platform we use, therefore the more users on a group on an IM platform, the more can intervene or take action.

Other options are available from the tracker, but we are for now offering a solution for theft and vandalism.


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