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Bee help!!!

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Bee help!!!

I am not a bee Keeper but whenever I find exhausted and tired bees I walk home with them and get them back on their feet. Today I found a bumblebee who looked rather worse for wear. I took them home, gave them sugar water and noticed they had something stuck to them. It was a piece of grass, and – to my horror – what looks like part of their guts.

It doesn’t look like they stung someone as it appear to be coming out from just behind their back leg but then again I wouldn’t know any better.

It’s been several hours now since I brought them back home and they are still alive, attempting to stand every now and then only to give up. I don’t know what to do, I’d feel awful about killing it to put it out of its misery and even then I wouldn’t know how to humanely kill a bee as a uni student with no beekeeping experience and limited resources.

What do I do?? I feel awful. I’ve found this sub whilst looking for help, and any help would be gratefully received

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