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Bee dilemma

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Bee dilemma

I have a little dilemma.

I've lived in my house in a fairly large residential subdivision for the past 11 years. One of the neighbors that lives behind me is a beekeeper. I've never spoken with him because we live on really large lots and there's a creek dividing our property. However, I have to say he seems like a nice guy. He always to be an older retired dude, keeps his property maintained, and has really great Christmas lights every year.

I'm not a nosy neighbor, but if I stand on my deck I can see into his backyard, that's how I know he keeps bees. I've seen him out there fussing with his bee boxes in bee gear for years. I actually think its a pretty cool hobby.

I totally appreciate bees. I have fruit trees and lots of flowers in my yard, and I know how beneficial they are to the whole ecosystem. This last year alone, I got so many peaches, plums, and apples on my trees the limbs were almost snapping. And my flower beds always come back year after year without replanting. I understand his bees have played a role in that. Plus his bees are actually pretty cool. They don't seem to be aggressive. I had one not long ago climbing around on my hand for a while and just being overall a pretty cool little bee.

This year though, my yard has become completely overrun with bees. For the last decade, it was literally not even a problem. Let me point out, there are 6 people in my household, and nobody had ever been stung by those bees. This year, we've all been stung at least once. One of us is extremely allergic to bees and getting stung in the hand made his entire arm swell up like a balloon. We had a covid friendly 5th birthday party for my daughter on our patio in July and the bees swarmed her birthday cake and she got stung in the hand, than my neighbors daughter got stung on the leg. My wife has refused to go swimming in the pool this summer because its literally full of bees that go to get water out of it. I've been stung 4 times, 2 of them just accidentally walking into the bees while mowing my lawn.

A couple days ago. A bee had flown into my coffee cup, I didn't notice,took a sip, and got stung on the tongue. My tongue got swollen so bad I couldn't eat for a day. So… I was thinking… Why hell bees suddenly such a problem this year?

So I looked at my neighbor's yard. Normally over the years he has had like 2 of those bee boxes. I noticed that now there are like 6 or 7 of them.

Here's my dilemma…. What can I do about these bees? I've thought about spraying them, but I hate to kill them. How do I talk to my neighbor about this? He seems like a cool dude but I don't want him to feel like I have a problem with his bees. I don't. There's just too many. I understand bees aren't like a dog or something… You can't put them in a leash. It was tolerable when he had 2 bee boxes, but now there's a ton more.

Are there any organic ways to repel bees? Or how do I even approach this guy about his most of the time cool bees without coming off like a dick?

Here's my dilemma. I really like bees. I forgive them for stinging my entire family. No big.

Short version: I like my neighbor's bees but he added more beeboxes and its making my family's life miserable what can I do

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