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Bee decline

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Bee decline

Just a wondering and don't mean to gas light anyone…. But do you think we (me being a beekeeper) could be causing the decline of the bees by our method of harvesting.? I don't pretend to know it all by any means I'm only beekeeping 4yrsbut I was just thinking about the hive rearing queen cells consuming honey and splitting to then go on and on to do the same thing!, Do you think that numbers of queens laying and diversity of gene pool would be better for the populous overall than our means of determining the laying queen(by destroying new queen cells and having one queen breed for a prolonged period). Anyways apologies if this pisses anyone off….not my intention would just love to know more of what I do and hear other people's opinions on how they rear their queens and if anyone thinks they're ways to do things differently which may better secure our future! Be that limiting a queen to a season or what I don't know! Anyways just a musing I was never gonna answer in my own head. Cheers

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