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Bear(s) got my hive. Footage in post.

We are grateful you are here

Bear(s) got my hive. Footage in post.

Here's the gory footage. I started with 2 last year, but 1 robbed/killed the other – super strong hive, that one, but no match for bears. So, the untouched hive pictured was empty, I was planning to split them when I got back.

We had been out of town and as soon as we came up the drive I knew it was gone, so there I was after midnight with a flashlight, my poor bees still scattered on the wreckage.

There's plenty of bees left. I'll move the hive and set up electric fencing. I'm not 100% on my queen yet, but I've got calls out to suppliers to try to get a nuc or at least a new queen and some bees (some frames would really help). I did take some honey before we left, so I could at least feed them immediately. Poor things.

I'm in Southern Colorado (between Pueblo and Alamosa) and willing to travel a bit if anyone knows anyone with one last lingering nucs laying around. I could take up to 2.

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