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Bear Attack. Dead Queen. Is my hive screwed?

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Bear Attack. Dead Queen. Is my hive screwed?

On September 20th of this year I began varroa mite treatment for my hives and that same night they were attacked by a bear. I assume the removal of the reducer caused the smell of the hive to travel farther than it had before and lured the bear in. The smaller of my two hives was a total loss, but it's viability through the winter was questionable anyway. The larger hive faired much better in the attack with the bear only truly taking one frame of honey from the top box.

However, it appears my queen was killed in the attack. The lower box was only knocked over and the frames hanging out of the box. I assumed that the queen would be okay as all the brood was in the lower box. During today's inspection, I could not find any eggs or larvae, but I did see several capped queen cells.

I also found a queen cell with the side chewed open and a bee inside. I used my hive tool to open the cell further and help the bee escape. I am not even sure if what crawled out was a worker, drone, or queen because it didn't look like the others. It was much lighter in color than the others. This is my first year and I have never seen this in any honey bee research I've ever done. There were three similar cells on this frame. They started with the typical peanut shell pattern but became very smooth by the end.

There were several other queen cells but very different in size and peanut-like texture. I'm at the point now where I'm not sure if I should let nature takes it's course and see if a queen emerges or buy a mated queen.

What hatched from that cell? Is it too late for a virgin queen to mate? Do I buy a mated queen to introduce? Is my hive fucked?

Edit: I live in Pennsylvania where the high of the day is floating around 70F.

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