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Balled Queen question

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Balled Queen question

Hello all I am new to Reddit posting, I wanted to ask a question to all about bee behavior, so I grafted a few days ago a dozen cells of those 8 were accepted I use different hives for cell starters and cell finishers.

I always chose my strongest hives as cell finishers, the way I do it is via a queen excluder on the brood chamber below and then adding another brood box on the top where I move a frame of open brood, one frame of sealed brood one frame of pollen and one frame of nectar/ honey and somewhere between the grafts

This time I really needed the top brood box for another hive and had the brilliant idea to put the queen in a cage add some candy and leave her there as long as the cells were supposed to be sealed

Alas! The cage I chose had the plastic clips removed from an earlier release ( I always keep my queen cages around) so naturally the bees ate all the candy and probably released their queen the same day

Today (all this was done the day before) I opened the hive to check if they feed the queen cells and in my horror I saw worker bees in the cage

I immediately searched for the queen in hopes to cage her again and was prepared to see all my grafts destroyed ( which would have been better) instead I found a huge ball in the landing board and ceased my searching took the hive apart and found the queen balled and dead inside it’s own hive

I am really bummed as this hive had 9 out of 10 frames with almost all sealed brood and this is going to set it back for at least a month if the queen manages to mate and successfully return that is

So my question is this why the bees would kill their own queen had this happed to anyone here, were they so bent in swarming with those grafts and realized the queen was an obstacle I was really prepared to see all the grafts destroyed

Thanks to anyone for the long read and sorry in advance for my English it’s not my first language

Edit: the queen cells are all open probably 4-5 days old larvae

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