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Bad Weather and Installing First Hives

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Bad Weather and Installing First Hives

Starting my first 2 colonies in southeast PA (7a). Just got my 2 packages last night and I have 1:1 sugar syrup and pollen patties ready to go.

currently drizzling and 50; tonight will be 28; tomorrow 50 again; tomorrow night 28 again

Everything I've read says to install packages as soon as possible but I'm guessing the wet/cold is worse and they would do better staying in the garage until saturday (50 daytime, 40 nighttime).

Related to them staying in package for a few days, I've been 'misting' them with the sugar syrup but I'm worried about the coverage/amount. Should I knock them down to try and spray more of the mass or is leaving them alone and just misting the outside bees the best course of action.

Edit – Also read something about installing them into the hive with food in the garage (and block the entrances) until weather improves when I can move the hives outside. Thoughts?

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