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Backyard bee keeping business question

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Backyard bee keeping business question

Howdy, I am in Texas. At what point should I get get an LLC or tax number or both for my backyard bee keeping business? I currently have 6 hives that I expect to produce honey and I am going to go up to about 20. I don’t plan to make a big business out of it but I can’t use all the honey from that many hives so will sell the excess. My mom and I leave on adjacent property and in total we have 27 acres where our bees are located.

If we should form an LLC should we do a joint one? Should we each create our own? Should we each create our own and then have those be the owner of another LLC that is the actual entity that buys the equipment and bees and sales the honey and pays the taxes? I realize this might be questions for an attorney or tax professional but starting here and then going forward based on the responses.

Thanks for your time.

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