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Australian Autumn. Tips for winding down for Australian winter?

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Australian Autumn. Tips for winding down for Australian winter?

Hi guys,

I have 5 hives and a nuc.

Three of those hives are full depth triples (one brood and 2 honey super). Two hives are doubles.

They are all 60% to 100% full of honey. The triples were added about 2 months ago and I alternated the honey frames with the fresh frames so there are 4 honey and 4 new, checker board style, in each honey super.

They've mostly drawn out all the foundation into 3D cells, and started filling in with honey.

However they're not 100% full and capped.

We have been meaning to do a honey harvest since January but it's been an extremely wet Australian summer and just about every day I've not been working has been rainy.

Could you please give me some advice on what to do now that autumn has started and we're heading towards winter soon? I have a bunch of hives I'd like to extract honey from, but then I don't want to leave them too empty for winter. I will of course leave enough honey for them but I'm more concerned about the hives being too big when they wind down for winter. Should I compact some of my triples back to doubles?

What do I do with the frames I take out and extract and then have nowhere to put back if I compact down to triples? I have heard you can freeze for a few days before storing but then can I store in a sealed plastic tub at room temp until spring in 6 months?

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