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Attempting new hive idea, looking for thoughts.

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Attempting new hive idea, looking for thoughts.

Not revolutionizing the hive itself, using a classic langstroth for ease and practicality. However the hive is going down into a wallapini greenhouse. Bee's exit the hive into basically a vertical chamber shaped like a column, large enough for them to fly out and upwards as needed, with a landing pad and tube out the top running to the outside and another landing pad area (tube out of the flight chamber and to exterior is roughly 4.5feet). Green house is temperature regulated and being kept up around 6-7c during our murderous winters and away from the wind of death. (Was not a good winter lol). The chamber will obviously be lower with the airflow and hopefully will keep them asleep, but still giving them a real easy time. Has anyone had experience keeping hives in greenhouse or structures in general? (They are not free to roam the greenhouse, it is a self contained system for themselves) How do they fare using large tubes etc.

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