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Are there any options after your hives have been robbed?

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Are there any options after your hives have been robbed?

Hi all, I’m embarrassed to say this but I lost both of my hives. I fell pretty ill 3-4 weeks ago and missed 2 inspections. I felt ok about it because I left the hives with ample food and pollen to deal with the upcoming nectar dearth. I have been watching the hives (just couldn’t gear up and lift deeps being as short of breath as I was) and things looked great. So much activity! I thought they were doing great/some bearding from the heat. I’m cringing because it’s so obvious now that I attracted robbers by leaving food and that the activity was not a good sign!

I went in today and both my hives are basically empty except bees. A lot of dead bees around (decapitated?) and comb chewed open with no brood or honey. Are there any options for the bees I have left? Can I combine those bees, add a queen, set up robbing screens, and still get them through a New England winter? I have a feeling it may be too late but if I have any other options please let me know! I feel horrible that I let this happen, any advice greatly appreciated.

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