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Are my parents being complete fools or am I overthinking things?

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Are my parents being complete fools or am I overthinking things?

Sorry for the negative energy, but I need advice on the situation. My mother is deathly allergic to bees… yet they want bees. Guess they got a blessing because now bee's are trying to infest our house! They've spent $350+ buying a bee keeping kit and food to try and coax the bees into the box. However, that failed. Now they are wanting to buy a queen to try and coax them into the new hive. Will this work, or are they being foolish? I am not even sure they have bees for sale around here and Im pretty sure if we ordered a queen that the hive they are establishing in our roof will have already gotten one and the bees will simply kill the one we ordered.

Personally I believe we should move the beebox as far away from the house as possible and then hire a professional bee remover to get the bees and relocate them to the bee box. They seem to want to dig deeper than they already are. They hardly know anything about bees but they think they are qualified just because they looked a few things up on google.

I might be overthinking things. Maybe Im the fool. However right now I am simply floored by the decision making. I'd like to go with what we KNOW would work rather than keep gambling and ending up needing to go with the bee remover ANYWAY and end up paying more than now because the hive will be bigger. I'm not too worried considering it isnt my money but man I HATE to see unneeded waste.

Not sure how relevant it is, but its honey bees and we live in Hawaii.

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