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Are my marked queens marked for death?

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Are my marked queens marked for death?

I had two hives that weren’t queenright. A bunch of drone eggs and so I took the following approach:

  1. Took a frame of capped brood and nurse bees into the affected hives.
  2. Introduced new queens – kept them in cages pressed in against a frame, full introduction after 3-4 days.

Last two hive inspections have yielded the following:

  1. No queen sightings
  2. No new capped brood.

Did I miss something in the process are are both these hives putting out a hit on my marked queens 😬????

Nothing like something like this to make a beekeeper feel like a total amateur 🤦‍♂️ but I’d love any tips or advice so I can help these hives turn the corner.

TL,DR: New marked queens seem to have been killed off.

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