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Are my bees varroa-mite-ankle-biters?

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Are my bees varroa-mite-ankle-biters?

I've noticed a couple of my beehives seriously chew through wood like its nothing. There was a hive with one box that had a small crevice where the two boxes meet. 2 weeks later it is now a sizeable upper entrance for the hive. The bees absolutely prefer that entrance. First, should I be concerned all the congestion in this small entrance will accelerate the urge to swarm? Second, I've heard bees that are good wood chewers are also more likely to be ankle-biters (biting the legs off of mites to reduce infestation). Could a more experienced beekeeper please weigh in? Do all bees chew wood like its nothing? I can hear them it sounds like crackling paper even from a distance, or wood crackling on a fire. Is there any simple way I could tell if my bees have ankle-biter genetics?

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