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Anyone heard about "adapted" brood chamber?

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Anyone heard about "adapted" brood chamber?

I had my first colony the last weekend. It came from a Swiss beekeeper who is using the "adapter brood chamber" system (in German: "angepasster Brutraum").

Basically with this system the site of the brood nest can be "limited" with "shields" (no idea of the english term, it is basically a frame made entirely by wood or insulating material). This should help the colony in several ways:

– help the brood to be as much "compact" as possible, using the whole brood frames wihtout wasting space for pollen or nectar reserves, which are then stored "outside" the "shields"

– help preserving the temperature (especially during colg springs)

– help avoding swarming, as the brood nest size can be increased "rationally" by adding an empty frame inside the "shield area"

An article (in German) can be found here: https://www.bienenundnatur.de/aktuelles/bienen-im-fruehjahr-mit-schied-einengen-dadant-angepasster-brutraum/ (Google Translate helps 🙂 ).

Anyone there that knows this method? Any documentation in languages different than German?
As I would have some questions about it… especially about wintering with this system.

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