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Any tips on how to figure out how yellow jackets are getting into my home?

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Any tips on how to figure out how yellow jackets are getting into my home?

I have a nest of yellow jackets under my siding. I've had a specialist over once so far to treat this nest, but for some reason whatever he's doing isn't killing them. He's going to come back next week for a free "re-treat" to try and kill the queen.

Right now, sitting in my living room, I am vacuuming up 10-15 bees every hour or so. If I go out for the day and return at night, I will have hundreds all over every window.

I've checked every ceiling light, window, outlet, vent, everything for ways that these bees are getting inside but I just can't figure it out. Even the specialist said that everything looks sealed up tight and that even he's confused. I got a 2nd opinion from another company, and they said that it's impossible to figure it out and the only way to stop them is to destroy the nest…

I would like to try and solve the issue of them getting inside as I've already been stung several times and these treatments are $200 each, which I can no longer afford after this free re-treatment next week.

Is there a harmless "smoke" or something that I can blow into where their nest is to see if it flows into my house? When the specialist used that dust, I stood inside ((after vacuuming every bee up)) to see if I could see the dust come in or if any bees crawled out. Unfortunately, I didn't see any of the dust popping out anywhere and all of the bees exited the main hive entrance.

What can I do? I'm at a loss here and these things are taking over half of my house!

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