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Any Chance for honey this year?

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Any Chance for honey this year?

Got my first 5 frame nuke in late May. Started them in 1 brood box and they have increased in numbers to where in July I added a 2nd brood box. Mid July I added 1 honey super. The colony is still growing in numbers and is on their 3rd pollen patty since June. We have had 1/4 of an inch of rain since early July. A week and a half ago I noticed they started using the syrup I set out for them. Since last week I have added 2 more syrup feeders and they are using all 3 from sun up to sun down. Checked the hive today and there are still 3 brood frames with no wax on them. Last week the bees drank both my 1 pint and the 1 quart jar syrup feeders. I refilled both 1 pint feeders Sunday of this week and the bees will have them emptied by this Friday. At this point I doubt I will have any honey for myself this year. Does this sound normal for a 1st year colony?

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