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Any beekeepers want to help a grad student??

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Any beekeepers want to help a grad student??

Beekeepers of Reddit! So I’m a graduate student currently working with honeybees and have my own hive infected with varroa mites for research. The only problem is that these bees are only from this area, and I want to test bees from other areas. This is where you can come in! I would only need 6 to 9 bees from you. If they have varroa mites on them that would be awesome but if not that would be great too. If you could help me out, just dm me a message and I’ll let you know all the details about where to send.

So just 6-9 bees, put in some kind of little container so they wont get crushed in the mail, the location of your hive (city, state should be good), if your hive is infected with varroa mites, and if so, do you treat it regularly. If you don't treat it and it isn't infected, that's good too! I'm looking to get RNA from any bee! And of course if you give me your name (or business?) I will add it to my final paper. Thanks!

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