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Ants in the beehive? How worried should I bee?

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Ants in the beehive? How worried should I bee?

So, I put 2 beetle blasters each in 2 of my 3 hives. No beetles found (in either the hives or the traps, interestingly enough). But loads of ants. Almost exclusively in 1 trap per hive.

Now, I've got Saskatraz breed of bees. These babies are like pacifist monks of the hinterlands. They quite literally barely care about anyone coming in and messing with them. I don't even wear my full beekeeping get up, and go out in sandles for inspections (but wear most of it, because face and hand stings are rather obnoxious for the rest of the day), and don't use smoke. They don't even clear out maggots from a week old pollen patty (I had to).

It's not as though I've quite literally ever noticed ants in the hives in any of my inspections. They clearly aren't infesting the place. But how worried should I be about them being found in enough numbers in the traps to seem to turn the trap black?

Also side question: How often should beetle blaster traps be cleaned out and changed? I'm just doing it each week with my inspections for now. Seems convenient time, since I'm in there anyway. But I'm just asking for my future knowledge.

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