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Ants in Swarm Nuc Feeder

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Ants in Swarm Nuc Feeder

I am a new beekeeper and have been given a swarm in a nucleus with a feeder from a fellow keeper. Ive been feeding it daily with about a small cup full of light syrup but today (day 5) there were about 20-30 ants in the empty feeder of the nuc.

So Iv'e been reading how to get rid of them but discovered the EU left the UK (where I am) a departing gift of banning Borax in the EU/UK around 2010 so I can't use it to make what seem to be the most effective measure that isn't dangerous to humans or pets (I mean they could have just banned its indoor use in cleaning products and in long term exposure…but nah).

What alternative could I use to get rid of them. I am about to maybe go and install a jam jar with some holes in the lid (5mm) with some syrup + BiCarb near the hive between where I suspect the ants are coming from but any other suggestions?

I am going to physically remove the ones in the feeder by the "hoy them out" method but any "safe" checmical/mix that works like the Borax+Syrup would be great!

Thank you for any advice!

The little critters

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