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Am I safe to be in my yard after a bee sting?

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Am I safe to be in my yard after a bee sting?

Sorry, I don’t keep bees but this is the only subreddit I could think of that would be able to answer my question in depth.

So it was night when I got stung by a female carpenter bee. Didn’t leave a stinger in or anything. I think she was just on my swingset, and I sat down on it which must’ve freaked her out. There’s a bush of hibiscus right behind the swingset which is where bees usually hang. I didn’t get swarmed or anything, I think the rest of the bees were asleep and didn’t notice. She didn’t buzz or anything as far as I could tell. My dad ended up having to kill her though because she latched onto me and I didn’t realize until she was already in the house.

I’m just wondering if it’s safe for me to go out again or if the bees will recognize my pheromones or something? I don’t know too much about them so I just want to be safe.

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