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Always that one bee

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Always that one bee

So I'm wondering if I have a very little amount of "hot" in my queen. I ordered her from down south and all was good. Shes has filled up 2 deeps with very decile stock but recently there always seems to be one bee who gets aggressive and will follow me for about 60 feet. Honestly they might follow me more if they didnt get to sting me. I have been replacing the electric fense around the hive so that seems to be how I'm geting their attention but it's only ever one bee who starts bumping and trying to borrow in my hair. I start to walk away since I usually dont light a smoker when I'm not opening the hive and the girl just doesnt give up. This is the 4th day in a row I've been stung. I dont have any reaction to stings but i do worry about my neighbors.

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