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Allergic to Bees/Need Help

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Allergic to Bees/Need Help

I apologize if this is not the place to post however I’m lost on what to do. So I’d like to ask advice from this Reddit who deals with bees. I’m allergic to bees however they’ve found their way into my home. Specifically Yellow Jackets and I’ve had someone out to help take care of them yet they still seem to be very active and I’m wondering what route I should take. Is it worth while to get a bee suit and try to get rid of them myself or have a removal service come out or is there a better way to have them leave without harming them. I’ve checked and there’s no local beekeepers near me although I’m not sure they would take Yellow Jackets. I’m looking for advice on my next steps without injuring my animals, my wife, and myself.

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