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Agressive New Colony. Any ideas?

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Agressive New Colony. Any ideas?

Hi all! 2n'd year beek from Colorado here. I lost my colony this past winter, so I bought and installed a new package of bees and a new queen about a week ago, and I gotta tell ya, these bees don't seem to be very friendly.

The ladies are in a single deep with standard 10 frames with a medium box on top of the top cover for feeding. I've been feeding them 1:1 sugar syrup through the hole in the inner cover. A couple days ago I went out to replace the sugar feeder jar and got attacked immediately and stung a few times. When I went out to replace their food this evening I suited up, and sure enough as soon as I put my hands on the feeding jar they started pinging my veil and attacking me pretty aggressively. Had I not been wearing my suit I would have been stung-up pretty badly.

Any advice on what might be going on here? My last colony was super tame and never once did I have to wear a veil to replace their food. Is there anything I can do? You guys are awesome and would love to hear any of your suggestions!

Thank you!

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