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Aggressive Yellow Jackets after MAQS

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Aggressive Yellow Jackets after MAQS

Hey All,

I just treated with MAQS (Formic Acid) last Friday. The temperatures were right and I followed instructions, but there was a good sized die off following putting the strips in place (just over a cup of dead bees). The yellow jackets noticed the feast right away and ever since saturday morning, they have been increasing in numbers while circulating the ground below the hive entrance. This morning as I was observing the hive, I spotted 2 to 3 yellow jackets were venturing up toward the hive opening and grabbing bees from the landing board. I have a fresh yellow jacket trad 2 feet from where they are, but they seem to be ignoring it. I'm only on day 4 of maqs, so I still have the hive entrance wide open for ventilation.

Does anyone have advice? The foraging bees are getting back into their groove, but there are still no guard bees. Is it too early to put on an entrance reducer with maqs still needing a couple days? I'm anxious to get the hive closed back up asap.


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