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Advice post-thymol

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Advice post-thymol

Hi y’all, we’re having some issues after treating for mites and wondering 1) if this is common and 2) where to go next.

It’s hot as blazes here (every day in the high 90s though our hives don’t get too much direct sun) so we took off the honey supers and used thymol, specifically Apiguard gel, in half doses, 3x over 3 weeks – this is their direction for using when it’s so damn hot. Mite count was below 1% when we finished treatment so that’s great.

The issue is how hard this was on the hives. We have feeders on and one seems to be consuming the sugar syrup and bouncing back – we’re seeing all stages of larvae again. The other hive, though… we have seen the queen each time we go in but it seems like she’s maybe stopped laying and they are not finishing syrup we leave for them.

So questions! 1) is it common for Apiguard to be this hard on the bees? Is it only so bad bc of how hot it is? Should I not have trusted the packaging that said it could be used in 100+ weather?

2) what do you think we should do next about our weak hive? The other hive isn’t so strong I feel like we can steal brood from them to buff; they are still recovering too. Should we requeen or would is it too late? Just combine these bees into the stronger hive and cut our losses? Some other great idea I haven’t thought of yet?

Any thoughts appreciated!

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