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Advice on strange bee-haviour

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Advice on strange bee-haviour

Hi hive mind! We have a colony that’s only a few months out of its Nuc. When moving the Nuc into their new home we spotted the queen and in a few inspections since. She was laying like a champion. We went away last week and decided to inspect the hive when we got back.

There are now dozens of queen cells some with eggs in them.

It’s worth noting that they’re still building out their new foundation-less frames (I think 4 or 5 of them) and most of the queen cells are in there.

We havn’t been able to locate the queen since we got back. We can see a few eggs in cells and a lot of capped worker and drone cells on the way.

We also found wax moth lava in the base of the hive.

She I be worried that they somehow queenless for some reason, that they’re going to swarm? Or just let them do their thing?

And advice would be welcome! Thankyou in advance!

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