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Advice on new package performing poorly please

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Advice on new package performing poorly please

So I received my first package late march. I realized pretty late that I was under feeding and they were being robbed big time. I took the advice of people on here and moved the feeders inside several weeks ago. As it stands there going through about 1.5 gallons of 1:1 sugar water a week.

I left on vacation for a week and left them with several large Mason jars which usually last a day or two. Of the two large 10 frame boxes is say they have about 11ish fully drawn frames and a couple more partially drawn. Multiple frames are just solid capped honey no brood. After I came back from vacation there was a several frames with a small amount of capped brood and maybe a 1/4 of one frame where I found fresh eggs that's it. I gave them a pollen patty two weeks ago as well from the advice of people on here. The queen was laying really well at first but comb wasnt being drawn fast enough and now it seems like the laying has tapered off and there still building comb very slowly.

Any advice? They were given waxed plastic frames. Think they will make it through winter?

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