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Advice needed

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Advice needed

Hi all,

So I'll try and explain the best I can.

Two weeks ago, I checked in my two hives. On was missing the queen no eggs laid but had queen cells. I left them to do their thing in hopes a successful queen's would happen.

The second hive seemed great. Brood, honey, nectar, pollen and newly laid eggs.

On Sunday my this hive had swarmed. On checking again today no queen and no queen cells. Not a lot of brood left but they are filling it with honey and nectar.

The first hive has no queen still and no queen cells left.

At this point I now have two hives, packed with bees, honey and nectar and no queen's.

I plan to get at least one new queen to try and get one hive queen right.

There's a water source 100m away, it's shaded, sheltered and near plenty of nectar sources.

Please advise the best steps to take next. Additional brood boxes, new queen's etc

Last year my hive swarmed and failed. This year I've moved the location and gone for to hives and seem to be back to a queen less disaster.

Thanks in advance

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