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Advice for prepping hive for winters with no snow

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Advice for prepping hive for winters with no snow

Hi, I live in Lahore, Pakistan. I'm the sole caretaker of a hive in my university. I'm rather confused if my hive needs any preparation for overwintering, since we don't get snow and the hive is active, even more so than summers which are extremely dry and hot here. Temps are currently in the range of 11-25°C (51.8-77 F, according to the google unit converter), but can go down as low as -4°C (24 F) with foggy winter nights. The bees are active, collecting pollen and there is capped honey on the top of most frames. I haven't seen the queen yet, but there was brood the last time I did an inspection. The hive is partially under shade and I had rigged up additional shade too, which I took down last week thinking they could use all the sunshine they can get these days. Since the past few days I've been seeing dying bees outside the hive. I live off-campus, so there are days I can't get to check on them. Here's a few images (hope the link works), I appreciate any advice since this is my first beekeeping experience! TIA.

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