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Advice for dealing with aggressive guard?

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Advice for dealing with aggressive guard?

Yesterday I opened my hive to remove spent MAQS and to correct some slight cross comb. It was warm and sunny with a slight breeze. By the time I started cutting and bending comb, a guard began buzzing me: not unexpected. My question is: how do you all react to aggressive behavior from guards?

I usually stop what I'm doing and walk away. This time the guard followed me about 60 yards before she left me alone. I came back after a 3-5 minute break, but again a guard buzzed me and followed me 30-60 yards. This repeated 4 times.

In the end I didn't get everything done I wanted to, just decided to close it up and come back another day. Maybe they were a bit stressed from the MAQS treatment. But could I have done something different? Maybe just freeze my motions instead of walking away? Maybe just push through it and wait until it gets to head butting before reacting?

What do you all do?

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