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Advice for a man about to take the dive.

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Advice for a man about to take the dive.

Hello wonderful Beeple,

This upcoming spring my Girlfriends family will be developing a property and asked if I wanted to keep bees on it. I have wanted bees for several years so I said yes and that I would do my best to learn and make the preparations for spring.

I have several questions and I am hoping to get a lot of good advice to start me on my journey.

I live in South East Idaho if that helps answer these questions.

  • How much time do you spend with your bees? Do you see them daily? Weekly?
  • Which breed of honey bee is best? I would prefer bees that are not very aggressive and hearty if possible.
  • What are the best books and courses? Preferably cheap/free
  • If they have a river within 50 yards is that a good enough water source or do I need to provide a closer solution?
  • There will be fruit trees planted in the spring as well. There is also sage brush and wild grasses and trees. Is that a solid base for a food supply or no?
  • Edit: How Many boxes to start? I don't want to go crazy but I figured 2 or so.

Thank you for any and all help, I am really excited and want to do this right!

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