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Accidentally caught a swarm today!

We are grateful you are here

Accidentally caught a swarm today!

I can't believe this… I ordered my nuc last October (first-time beek here) and have been waiting for my nuc to be ready. I set my hive outside to A) get it out of the garage, and B) to have it ready for when my bees were ready.

My wife calls me at work about a tornado of bees in the backyard, and she said that they were all over the hive. It sounded like a swarm may have moved in, but I told her I'd take a look when I got home from work.

As luck would have it! On my way home from work my bee supplier tells me that my nuc is ready for pickup…

I get home and immediately pop open the hive and sure enough, a swarm moved in!

So… if anyone in the Utah area needs a nuc, I know a guy. 😉

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