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Accidental beekeeping, advice needed

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Accidental beekeeping, advice needed

I live in Southern Spain and about a month ago a swarm made a hive in a old wine barrel we use for a table on my patio. I reached out to a local bee farmer when it first happened, but never heard back. I’m not a local, so I’m not aware of all the resources here and I obviously didn’t want to do anything to hurt the bees. The hive seemed to get established and honestly, it doesn’t really bother me. I can sit near it and use my patio without a problem.

However, yesterday I noticed that there is honey dripping out of the barrel. Today it’s worse. It’s attracting ants and quite a few bees are stuck in it and dying. It’s like the La Bee-a Tar Pits! What should I do? Again, not a beekeeper and it’s a wild hive I’m just co-existing with, but I want to help if I can. Please excuse my ignorance, but I could really use some advice. I looked through the wiki and couldn’t find anything for this type of situation. Thank you!

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