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A hive seems to be dying. What do I do?

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A hive seems to be dying. What do I do?

So, my middle hive was really weak. (only 3 frames in 2 weeks), so I gave it a pollen patty and sugar water. It may have grown to a fourth frame in the past week. And it failed to eat the pollen patty before maggots got into it… inside the hive. I removed and squashed them to the best of my ability.

There were no visible diseases or pests (aside from the maggots), but I was treating an adjacent hive for small hive beetles using traps, so I did so for this one as well. I've not been able to spot the queen nor any freshly laid eggs. But… I'm just really bad, and have been unable to do so for any of them. Even the ones I already placed supers on because they are expanding explosively.

The hive was also unusually upset, but there were no queen cells.

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