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A Few Questions

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A Few Questions

Hi All,

I have had bees for the last four years and have yet to get a hive through the winter. I have a few questions for the more experienced beekeepers out there. Any insight would be appreciated. Hopefully, this year is my year.

I installed my package in mid-April and started feeding right away. The colony filled up the first deep pretty quick, granted they were building off old comb. I put the second deep on and that is now completely full. Seeing both brood and honey. I put on my first super about 10 days ago and they are already making progress on the honey stores. Here is my question:

I know the advice is always, don’t pull honey in the first year, but if I overwinter with two deeps and they are already maxing out a super, is it detrimental to collect? Can I just keep collecting honey until mid-August then stop?

If I keep running supers, are they just focusing all their honey making in the supers and brood in the deeps?

That’s in advance. This community has been super helpful in the past.

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